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Using Spinning Tackle

Tips for using Spinning Tackle

There are some anglers who use spinning tackle exclusively when they fish, and others who shy away from it completely.

If your one of the latter anglers, here are a few tips that might make trying spinning a better experience.

Fishing Line
A good rule of thumb for using spinning tackle is to use 10-pound line or less, if using straight fluorocarbon line, 6 to 8 pound is generally enough and that helps alleviate the problems of loops and knots.

Braided Line
One product that has help improve spin fishing in recent years is braided line.
You can now use 20 pound line and still only have the same diameter of line on your spool due to its thinner diameter.

This allows you to have heavier line that casts further by just attaching whatever size leader, like 8 pound fluorocarbon with the correct knot, and your good to go.

The trick to spinning is to whip cast it more than long wide casts that you would due using a bait-cast reel where the lure is pulling the line off the reel as opposed to flicking off in coils from a spinning reel.

As you cast, feather the last of the line out over your finger to slow it down and to take any of the loops left out of the line, before flicking over the bail arm and beginning to retrieve.

Use The Rod

Using the tip of the spinning rod and the action when retrieving your lure takes a little practice, but when you get it right you have a better chance of firing up the fish and encouraging them to strike.

The trick when fishing with lures and soft plastics, is to get them to move through the water like an injured bait fish or a panicked insect or creature, that has fallen in the water and is frantically attempting to get to safety.

By using the rod tip and movement of the rod and winding at different speeds, is how to get your lure to perform, while looking as natural as possible to the fish.

Try several different retrieval methods (e.g. Slow/fast) to see if one works better for you on the day.

Don’t Give Up
Using spinning tackle is not for everybody but it is a great way to fish when you get the hang of it.

Watch how other anglers are using their gear, and take note of what types of lures and the sizes that seem to work.

Spinning can be a lot of fun, and if you persist you never know what you might catch.

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