Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Reliable Fishing Gear

As a commercial fisherman there is one thing that is extremely important to me, and that is having reliable gear.

When I head off with the boys for a bit of recreation time as an amateur fisherman, I expect the same from the fishing reels and rods that I use in these conditions as well.

One Brand of rod that I continue to use for their strength and reliability are Daiwa Rods

There is a Daiwa Rod for every type of fishing situation, and all of them constructed with the best materials available.

Below is part of an article I recently wrote on Daiwa fishing rods

Daiwa Rods built to last

Daiwa uses several different technologies and quality parts to make sure their rods last.
One of the Technologies they use to construct a large amount of their rods is Glatech.

Glatech sandwiches unidirectional fiberglass between 90ยบ inner and outer layers of graphite. The result, an incredibly resilient blank with the backbone and lifting power to control and move strong fish. It also resists twisting for less stress, greater strength and hook-setting power.

These strong yet sensitive blanks combined with powerlift grips, which are triangular in shape rather than your standard circular grip. Triangular shape means a surer grip with less wobble when you're cranking hard. All this put together and you have one hell of a powerful tool.

Daiwa rods, strong yet sensitive
In all types of fishing you need a rod that will handle the type of fish you are targeting as well as giving you the sensitivity necessary to feel what is going on at the other end of the line.

If you target fish that nibble at the bait or draw it into their mouths rather than striking straight up, then you need to be able to feel this so you can pick the right moment to strike.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE Daiwa Rods are Built for Any Situation

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