Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Looking after your salt water fishing tackle

There is nothing worse than finally getting to head out onto the water and finding your priced reel is seized up or the line guides on your rod have corroded away to nothing.

Looking after your salt water fishing tackle in particular, although not a huge job is extremely important if you want your gear to last and perform, time after time, trouble free.

Salt water in particular is highly corrosive and where there is salt water there is usually sand, and both these elements are enemy number one to the fine workings of just about all fishing reel types.

Taking the time to properly clean your salt water fishing gear can save you a whole lot of heart ache, and money.

How to Properly clean your fishing rods and reels

To get the most from your fishing reels and rods, you need to properly clean and maintain them after every use.

If your like me, at the end of a fishing trip the last thing you feel like doing is spending time cleaning your fishing gear.

For the small amount of time it takes it really will make a difference to the longevity and quality of your rods and reels.

When fishing in fresh water it is not such a big deal and a general rub down with a soft cloth or sponge using soapy water, then drying with a clean towel is usually enough.

I will usually clean my rods and reels the same way no matter whether I have been in fresh or salt water to ensure it is always clean and ready to go the next time I go fishing.

Salt Water Is Enemy Number One of Fishing Rods and Reels

Salt water is such a corrosive substance and if left uncleaned can very quickly do damage to your expensive fishing gear.

I follow the same pattern each time I clean to make sure I don't miss any parts of the rod or reel.

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